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Our Work

With a nuanced touch for teaching soft skills, such as inclusive hiring and employee well-being,
and a skilled hand at developing procedural and technical training, we engage your learners on any kind of content.

ACG – Global Well-being Program

When staff handles high-stress calls, it can take a toll. So, a global transportation company commissioned a comprehensive online well-being program for their call center agents.  We collaborated with Alvarado Consulting Group (ACG). the subject matter expert, to develop a course that incorporates both the emotional and rational. Our team created the script, activities and visual look and feel to support both.

Early Intervention Colorado – EI Provider Training

With providers in 20 regions across the state, Colorado’s Early Intervention Program needed to build consistency in practices and procedures. We worked with the EI team to create a course that is full of video demonstrations of providers working with children and parents, expert interviews, case studies, role plays and other interactivities.

Contracts Level 2 Aerospace Company Training

Government contracting can be complex. This course, developed for a large multi-national corporation is designed to help program managers and others who work with contracts be able to implement best practices and work effectively with the Government. – Inclusive Recruiting and Hiring

While many companies are aware of avoiding discriminatory practices, few hiring managers understand how to use a truly inclusive approach to recruiting and hiring. Our team played a deep role in the content development, as well as building this video-rich and highly-interactive course.

The Diversity Channel – Manager Inclusiveness Training

The Diversity Channel offered more than 250 modules of inclusiveness training and tools for Fortune 500 companies including Merck, Avon, Microsoft, and Boeing. Our team was deeply involved in all aspects of designing and producing these ground-breaking courses.

Covidien Product Training

A global medical device company needed to educate both their sales team and prospective customers about a new technology for killing tumors using non-invasive techniques. Our team spoke with the engineers and then created an app that expressed the technical information in a way the customers could understand.